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CT Canine Search & Rescue

The Mission

To be the lead volunteer canine search and rescue team in Connecticut as determined by emergency service agencies and the community, and to foster a climate of excellence and professionalism in search and rescue.

  • Specialize in four types of searches: Area Search, Trailing, Water Search, and Cadaver Search
  • Often are called in to help police departments in search & rescue
  • Volunteered to search for survivors after the 9/11 attacks and Hurricane Katrina
  • It takes 1 year to train a handler in search and rescue and 2.5 years to train the dog
  • Doesn’t charge for their services, and all participants work on a volunteer basis.
  • CCSAR Dogs are family pets that get special training for search and rescue.
Quick Facts
The sense of closure that we’re trying to bring to the victim’s family is important. It’s nice to give them the gift of knowing what happened to their loved one.
– Thomas Recck

Alice Kugelman and Joanne Pigott, founders of Connecticut Canine Search and Rescue (CCSAR), began the organization in 1994 after seeing the important role a canine search and rescue team played in an incident near their homes. Since then, CCSAR has become a valuable resource that law enforcement turns to when they need help searching for lost, missing or drowned individuals. The work of this volunteer based group reaches across 14 states, helping locally and nationally with disasters from Hurricane Katrina to the 9/11 attack.

CCSAR works with volunteer dog and trainer teams to meet rigorous certification standards. Training takes a year for the handler, and two and a half years for the dogs. CCSAR works diligently with each dog, training them in four distinct skills. Dogs learn how to search an area, trail human scents, track scents in water, and how to search for human remains.

Police search and rescue departments depend on the extraordinary abilities that CCSAR dog and trainer teams possess. The specialized skills that CCSAR teaches their teams help police find missing people that would be impossible to track otherwise.

The dogs can lead search teams from a boat, or fit into areas that are too small for people. They can track criminals and missing persons across rough terrain, and in all kinds of conditions. These dogs can find people whether dead or alive, helping to close an investigation or provide closure for a victim’s family.

With 18 years of search and rescue under their belt, CCSAR aims to reunite families with their loved ones. With your support, they’ll continue to do so.

CT Canine Search & Rescue

(800) 924-5550
PO Box 6
Kensington, CT 06037

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CT Canine Search & Rescue

Canine Search & Rescue
CT Canine Search & Rescue

Connecticut Canine Search & Rescue is a valuable resource that law enforcement turns to when they need help searching for lost, missing or drowned individuals.

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