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Angel On A Leash

The Mission

Angel On A Leash champions working with therapy dogs in healthcare facilities, schools, rehabilitation, hospice, extended care, correctional facilities and crisis intervention.

  • Providing therapy dogs to people in need since 2004
  • Customizes their programs to meet the needs of each organization they work with
  • Began as a charitable activity of the Westminster Kennel Club
  • Therapy dogs and handlers are all volunteers
Quick Facts
If you have a dog that is a very social gentle animal and loves all people, you should think about volunteering for therapy dog work.
– Greer Griffith

Angel On A Leash began as a charitable activity of the Westminster Kennel Club in 2004. Since then, the organization has grown to be recognized as a standalone charity and continues to promote the healing effects that can be found in a human-canine bond.

The Angel On A Leash program was initially introduced at the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital of New York-Presybterian and the Ronald McDonald House of New York, but now operates at seven other hospitals across the country. From Portland to New York, Angel On A Leash teams of dogs and handlers volunteer time and effort to helping patients get well.

The dogs take part in a range of activities that vary depending upon the customized care program that is designed with each facility. At some hospitals Angel dogs help patients in the physical therapy department, at others they aid in the psychiatric department and at most care facilities dogs simply visit with patients who are in bed. No matter where they are working, the dogs always bring a special energy that aids in the healing process. While being an Angel On A Leash is an uplifting job, it isn’t easy. Both the handler and the dog must be registered by a third party to ensure they have the skills and handling aptitude to work without disruption in a sensitive environment.

All of the hard work is worth the smiles each dog brings to the patients they visit.

Angel On A Leash continues to bring canine joy to hospitals, making the very daunting task of getting well, a little easier.

Angel On A Leash

630 Ninth Avenue #1009
New York, NY 10036

Let’s support working dogs together.

Angel On A Leash

Volunteer Therapy Dogs
Angel On A Leash

From Portland to New York, Angel On A Leash teams of dogs and handlers have volunteered their time and efforts to helping patients get well.

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