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Our 3 Hand-Picked Charities

Marine Mammal Center

Helping Ocean Wildlife

The Marine Mammal Center, a nonprofit veterinary research hospital and educational center, is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of ill and injured marine mammals. Focusing primarily on elephant seals, harbor seals, and California sea lions, they’ve rescued and treated more than 18,000 marine mammals since opening in 1975. By combining rehabilitation, research and widespread education programs they are uniquely positioned to both treat and study illnesses.

Pollinator Partnership

The Pollinator Protectors

Focusing on the pollinators of the world’s food supply, Pollinator Partnership is the largest organization of its kind. The Partnership’s mission of environmental stewardship and pollinator protection is achieved through conservation, policy, education, and research. Larger projects include the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign, National Pollinator Week and EcoRegional Planting Guides that allow local citizens to plant gardens that provide habitats for important pollinating species.


Rehabilitation and Education

As people and wildlife increasingly find themselves calling the same place home, WildCare works to help all species coexist. WildCare’s approach to a peaceful co-existence starts with educating communities on how to live peacefully with wildlife and advocating for better protection of not only the animals but also our open spaces. Along with educational programs, over 3,000 sick or injured animals are treated each year.

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