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Read Alliance

The Mission

Read Alliance works to improve the educational trajectory of at-risk kindergarten and first grade students through one-to-one tutoring in basic reading skills.

  • Helped 10,000 at-risk children to help them improve their reading skills.
  • Students in the program average one full grade level of improvement in reading within 50 tutoring sessions
  • Trained 8,500 teenagers to be peer reading mentors to small children
  • Received The Manhattan Institute Award for Social Entrepreneurship for creating an innovative, private solution for one of America’s most pressing social problems.
  • 71% of teen tutors saw an increase in their own grades in English and Language Arts
Quick Facts

Read Alliance is a non-profit program based in New York City that provides one-on-one tutoring to at-risk kindergartners and first graders to help them acquire basic reading skills. The program initially started in two schools in the Bronx in the year 2000, and has since spread to over 40 schools across all five boroughs in New York City. Read Alliance exists to especially prevent children in disadvantaged neighborhoods from falling behind in reading.

Read Alliance focuses their efforts on early literacy because it is shown that as early as 1st grade, if a child is not reading at grade level they are 13 times more likely to drop out of High School. Read Alliance tutors work within elementary schools with at-risk children that are selected for the program by a teacher or principle.

What makes the Read Alliance program unique is that teens are recruited and trained to be tutors to the younger children. The tutors are trained in a research-based curriculum called Reading for All Learners Program, and then work with children one-on-one after school and during the summer to improve their reading skills. This structure not only shrinks the achievement gap by providing at-risk children with basic skills needed to learn, but also provides the mentor an opportunity to develop essential college, career and life skills through formal training, and meaningful paid tutoring jobs. In this end, Read Alliance prepares two at-risk populations for continued academic and life achievement at once. And if all that wasn’t enough, Read Alliance is able to provide both of these services at a cost of less than $800 per child tutored.

Finally, Read Alliance is a special program that aims to level the playing field for all at-risk children by providing them the basic reading skills they need to learn and succeed academically.

Read Alliance

(646) 867-6100
80 Maiden Lane, 11th Fl.
New York, NY 10038

Let’s close the literacy gap together.


Libraries for low-income preschoolers

Books for Kids Foundation is a national program that creates libraries specifically for low-income pre-schoolers that have little or no access to books. These libraries then partner with literacy programs so children can develop critical early foundation reading skills needed to be successful when entering school.

Literacy Partners

Adult courses in NYC
Literacy Partners

Literacy Partners has worked in New York City for 35 years to combat illiteracy amongst adults. Students are taught in three-hour sessions, both in the classroom and in a tutorial setting and can take courses in reading, math, grammar, financial literacy and health literacy.

Read Alliance

1-on-1 tutoring for at-risk children
Read Alliance

Read Alliance, based in New York City, provides one-on-one tutoring by teens to at-risk kindergartners and first graders to help them acquire basic reading skills. This structure shrinks the achievement gap of the children all while providing essential college and career skills to the tutors.