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Literacy Partners

The Mission

Literacy Partners believes that the ability to read is an essential element of an enriched and fulfilling life. Our high quality, community-based literacy programs in New York City empower adults to reach their full potential as individuals, parents and citizens.

  • Annually teaches 2000 adults how to read
  • Over 30 staff members and 100 volunteers work day and night to fight illiteracy in NYC
  • Is the only nationally accredited literacy program in New York City
  • Has provided free adult and family literacy programs to over 25,000 disadvantaged New Yorkers in the past 35 years.
Quick Facts

Literacy Partners has been working in New York City over the past 35 years to combat illiteracy amongst adults. While most people do not associate illiteracy with adults, it is estimated that 1/3 of New York City, or approximately 2 million people are reading below the 5th grade reading level or can’t read at all. The curriculum at Literacy Partners helps these adults acquire the reading skills needed to succeed in everyday life.

Every student that comes to Literacy Partners has specific goals that they are working to achieve. All are working on their reading skills, but some are working towards acquiring a GED or are preparing themselves for a pathway to higher education, all thanks to the resources offered by Literacy Partners.

Literacy Partners offers classes in reading, math, and basic grammar. Additional classes are also offered in financial literacy and health literacy, as these are two systems that are especially hard to navigate when you can’t read. Students are taught in three-hour sessions, both in a classroom and a tutorial setting, and in small, intensive groups. And, classes are offered morning, afternoon and evening so that a student can always find a class that fits with their schedule.

While Literacy Partners has a main focus of adult literacy, they also have programs that help children and families. Because illiteracy runs in families, it is important to help both generations. Often parents and children are in the program at the same time working on their literacy skills.

With 35 years of hands-on experience, Literacy Partners works with New Yorkers of all ages so they can stop hiding illiteracy, and can acquire the fundamental reading skills they need to succeed.

Literacy Partners

(212) 725-9200
30 East 33rd Street
New York, NY 10016

Let’s close the literacy gap together.


Libraries for low-income preschoolers

Books for Kids Foundation is a national program that creates libraries specifically for low-income pre-schoolers that have little or no access to books. These libraries then partner with literacy programs so children can develop critical early foundation reading skills needed to be successful when entering school.

Literacy Partners

Adult courses in NYC
Literacy Partners

Literacy Partners has worked in New York City for 35 years to combat illiteracy amongst adults. Students are taught in three-hour sessions, both in the classroom and in a tutorial setting and can take courses in reading, math, grammar, financial literacy and health literacy.

Read Alliance

1-on-1 tutoring for at-risk children
Read Alliance

Read Alliance, based in New York City, provides one-on-one tutoring by teens to at-risk kindergartners and first graders to help them acquire basic reading skills. This structure shrinks the achievement gap of the children all while providing essential college and career skills to the tutors.