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The Mission

To promote literacy among all children with a special emphasis on low-income and at-risk preschool-aged children, by creating libraries, donating books and partnering with literacy programs to develop the early foundation and skills which young children need to be successful in life.

  • Created a system to put libraries in low-income neighborhoods so pre-schoolers have adequate access to books
  • Has built 62 children’s libraries
  • Has been working for 25 years to promote literacy
  • Working to promote literacy amongst low-income and disadvantaged pre-schoolers
  • Recently became a national non-profit and is working on building children’s libraries across all 50 states
  • Has donated over 25,000 children books
Quick Facts

The Books for Kids Foundation was created in 1986 by a few individuals in New York City, who realized that children who do not have adequate access to books must overcome enormous disadvantages when starting school.

In it’s first year, Books for Kids was an informal project to simply collect and distribute 1000 books for the holidays. But, after placing 2000 books in the first year, and 9,000 in the next – it was clear to the founders that an organization was desperately needed to provide age-appropriate books for low-income children with little or no resources.

Since then, Books for Kids has become a national foundation. While promoting literacy on the whole is paramount to their cause, a special emphasis is placed on promoting literacy amongst disadvantaged preschoolers by building libraries especially for them.

Books For Kids works within low-income communities in preschools, head-start programs, day care centers and transitional housing centers to create high-impact lending libraries within these spaces. The libraries are often transformed from an unused office, storage space, or old classroom into an inviting space where children learn to love books. The library is then filled with new books that are all pre-school age appropriate. Finally, the libraries are partnered with literacy programs so that the children can develop critical early literacy foundation skills like: alphabet-awareness, basic phonics, and new vocabulary. All of these skills are needed to be successful when entering school.

To promote literacy early, Books for Kids creates libraries that are specialized to pre-schoolers in low-income communities so that every child can read when they start kindergarten.


(212) 760-BOOK (2665)
240 West 37th Street, Suite 309
New York, NY 10018

Let’s close the literacy gap together.


Libraries for low-income preschoolers

Books for Kids Foundation is a national program that creates libraries specifically for low-income pre-schoolers that have little or no access to books. These libraries then partner with literacy programs so children can develop critical early foundation reading skills needed to be successful when entering school.

Literacy Partners

Adult courses in NYC
Literacy Partners

Literacy Partners has worked in New York City for 35 years to combat illiteracy amongst adults. Students are taught in three-hour sessions, both in the classroom and in a tutorial setting and can take courses in reading, math, grammar, financial literacy and health literacy.

Read Alliance

1-on-1 tutoring for at-risk children
Read Alliance

Read Alliance, based in New York City, provides one-on-one tutoring by teens to at-risk kindergartners and first graders to help them acquire basic reading skills. This structure shrinks the achievement gap of the children all while providing essential college and career skills to the tutors.