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The Mission

SeaWeb is the only international, non-profit organization exclusively dedicated to using the science of communications to fundamentally shift the way people interact with the ocean.

  • Journalists, scientists, business leaders, NGO’s and opinion leaders all depend on SeaWeb to provide the latest research and events relevant to the ocean.
  • Contributed to the efforts which led the U.N. to ban the global trade of all wild caviar.
  • Their “Give Swordfish a break” campaign helped North Atlantic swordfish return to healthy population levels.
  • Part of their work bridges the worlds of public policy, journalism and marine science to keep oceans in the Asia Pacific from being overfished.
Quick Facts
A vote for Seaweb will teach parents, and children about eating sustainable fish through recipe cards and games.
– The CharitySub Team

Seaweb brings people together to find solutions around the issue of overfishing, and the broader issue of creating sustainable seafood through fisheries and aquaculture. One way they do this is through their International Seafood Summit that gathers industry leaders, chefs, entrepreneurs, fishermen, and restaurateurs, to try and solve the core issues

surrounding seafood sustainability. Another way is through their Kid Safe Seafood initiative that educates parents, pregnant women and children about making seafood choices that are both sustainable for the ocean and are safer for children due to their lower toxins and mercury levels. All of Seweb’s programs work to create a culture of ocean conservation by creating an open dialogue with important ocean advocates.


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Future of Fish

Reinventing the Seafood Industry
Future of Fish

Future of Fish helps build businesses to make them free-standing engines of change. With development of inventory tracing technology, they reduce the problems of overfishing and mislabeled fish, and are supporting businesses that drive positive values.


Connecting Fisherman & Lawmakers

The Marine Fish Conservation Network (MFCN) is an alliance of recreational anglers, commercial fishermen and environmentalists. They connect fishermen to policy and law makers so they can create innovative solutions together.


Ocean Conservation Communication

Seaweb brings industry leaders together to find solutions around overfishing and sustainable seafood. They combine a unique collaborative approach with strategic communications and sound science to catalyze positive ocean change. Their efforts affect policy, research, and culture.