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Our 3 hand-picked Charities for Protect Childhood


The Mission

To provide life-changing apprenticeships to youth in underserved communities across the United States.

  • Spark apprentices have a 92% graduation rate, which is significantly higher than the national average.
  • More than 20% of students in the United States drop out of high school, with the dropout rate exceeding 50% in high-need neighborhoods.
Quick Facts
Your vote for Spark will help provide one-on-one apprenticeships for 7th and 8th graders in underserved communities.
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As a national organization working to increase high school graduation rate, Spark works to create one-on-one apprenticeships for middle schoolers in underserved communities. Students are matched with a mentor working in a career field that aligns with their strengths and

interests. This program helps at-risk youth become motivated learners and connected community members. With your support they will continue to encourage children to stay engaged in school while dreaming big for themselves.


251 Rhode Island Street, Suite #205
San Francisco, CA 94103

Let’s help protect childhood together.

Campaign for Youth Justice

Juvenile Sentencing & Rehab
Campaign for Youth Justice

Every year a quarter of a million children in the U.S. are tried in the adult criminal justice system. The Campaign for Youth Justice works to have these children tried in the juvenile system where they’ll have access to much needed rehabilitation services.

Citizen Schools

Apprenticeship Schooling
Citizen Schools

Citizen Schools provide expanded learning experiences for middle schoolers. Their day is longer and their education flows outside of the classroom. Through apprenticeships taught by everyday citizens, students learn how their textbook learning can be applied in real world careers.


Helping underserved youth

Spark’s one-on-one workplace apprenticeships empower 7th and 8th graders to succeed in their education and beyond. Students are matched with mentor working in careers that align to their interests. This program serves to increase their confidence and gain key skills.