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Citizen Schools

The Mission

Citizen Schools is a nonprofit organization that partners with middle schools to expand the learning day for low-income children.

  • At Citizen Schools, middle schoolers get an additional 3 hours of learning everyday.
  • Participants have a 20% higher graduation rate than their matched peers.
Quick Facts
Your vote for Citizen Schools will help at-risk middle schoolers see how textbook learning applies to everyday careers.
– The CharitySub Team

Since 1995, Citizen Schools has been working in low-income communities to provide an expanded learning day (8am - 6pm), as well as apprenticeships to middle schoolers. These 10 week courses are taught by passionate professionals and help teach middle schoolers that

classroom lessons can apply to real life careers. Projects range from learning how to make a healthy meal with a chef to building android applications with a Google employee. By showing children why school matters for their future, their odds of graduating high school and going onto college, increase.

Citizen Schools

308 Congress St., 5th Floor
Boston, MA 02210

Let’s help protect childhood together.

Campaign for Youth Justice

Juvenile Sentencing & Rehab
Campaign for Youth Justice

Every year a quarter of a million children in the U.S. are tried in the adult criminal justice system. The Campaign for Youth Justice works to have these children tried in the juvenile system where they’ll have access to much needed rehabilitation services.

Citizen Schools

Apprenticeship Schooling
Citizen Schools

Citizen Schools provide expanded learning experiences for middle schoolers. Their day is longer and their education flows outside of the classroom. Through apprenticeships taught by everyday citizens, students learn how their textbook learning can be applied in real world careers.


Helping underserved youth

Spark’s one-on-one workplace apprenticeships empower 7th and 8th graders to succeed in their education and beyond. Students are matched with mentor working in careers that align to their interests. This program serves to increase their confidence and gain key skills.