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The May 20th tornado was on the ground for 50 minutes, damaging or destroying as many as 13,000 homes and killing 24 people. [1]

To our dear subscribers: We felt helpless as we learned about the deadly tornado tearing through our home state, 1,500 miles from our adopted home in Brooklyn.  Our social media feeds lit up with panicked friends and family both seeking and acknowledging each other's survival. Fortunately, our loved ones fared well in the storm, but with three native Oklahomans (and University of Oklahoma grads) on the founding CharitySub team, we feel moved to use our resources to help the victims of this devastating storm.
You can't find recognizable pieces of a house. You can't tell the make and model of a car. Think about the energy and the violence that it takes to do that. You can't put your arms around it.
  • The Moore/Newcastle tornado had a track of 17 miles. [2]
  • The storm was categorized as an
    EF-5 tornado (winds up to 210 mph). [2]
  • The tornadoes caused an estimated
    2 billion dollars in damage. [1]
  • 7 children were killed when the tornado hit an elementary school. [3]
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Due to the recency of the storm, we are still working to identify partners on the ground who need our help. These organizations provide food donations, aid rebuilding efforts, and offer medical & mental health assistance.