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“It was an extremely devastating and destructive storm, hopefully one that people will only see once in their lifetime.” [1]

Joe Pollina
National Weather Service Meteorologist


Hurricane Sandy affected 17 states in the Northeast, bringing particularly devastating losses to New Jersey and New York. This month, CharitySub is partnering with charities that are helping the thousands that are still getting back on their feet. While the losses are calculated into the billions, our charities work to restore the priceless

neighborhoods, local businesses and communities that lost so much during the storm. Join us as we look back at Hurricane Sandy, and support three great organizations that are helping an entire region put the pieces back together, months after the storm.

Hurricane Sandy Timeline

This month’s CharitySub partners support the families that suffered extreme losses during Hurricane Sandy. Make a charity selection today, and help Sandy victims get their lives back on track!

Let’s help hurricane sandy together.

Breezy Point Disaster Relief

Rebuilding Breezy Point
Breezy Point Disaster Relief

The Breezy Point Disaster Relief Fund was created to help residents that lost not only their homes, but their place in the tight-knit community. This fund works to provide financial aid to residents that are paying for temporary housing, as well as aid in providing the funds to rebuild homes that were lost.

Occupy Sandy

Rebuilding the Jersey Shore
Occupy Sandy

Occupy Sandy is a grassroots relief organization that developed the day after Hurricane Sandy made landfall. They have a statewide network that helps clean out damaged homes and also distributes food and supplies to the people that need it most.

The Red Hook Initiative

Rebuilding Red Hook
The Red Hook Initiative

The Red Hook Initiative is a community center helping the Brooklyn community of Red Hook for the past 11 years. Now, months after the storm they are helping residents by providing counseling, help with FEMA applications and are providing employment opportunities for young adults to help within the community as all of Red Hook rebuilds.