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Girl Empowerment


7 out of 10 girls believe that they aren’t good enough or don’t measure up to their peers.

How can I


The support of a caring adult and a strong sense of self worth are very important for the healthy development of a young person. Kids endure unneeded stress and often suffer from low self-esteem without a positive role model who supports and encourages them. This in turn increases the risk of depression, drug and alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy, and homelessness, all of which can negatively affect academic performance and ultimately life outcome. About 70% of all girls suffer from low self-esteem, so it seems that young women are particularly

vulnerable. The good news is mentoring can make a big difference in a young lady’s life. Unfortunately, only 16% of the 18 million kids that want or need a mentor are in a formal mentoring relationship. This month, CharitySub calls on our community to support three great organizations that help young women and girls through mentorships and positive community involvement. These charities connect mentors with girls in low income communities, and show young women across the country that big dreams are no problem!