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Operation HOPE

The Mission

Operation HOPE, a financial dignity nonprofit dedicated to poverty eradication, improves the economic quality of life for individuals in underserved communities by creating stakeholders. HOPE’s suite of programs help low-wealth individuals, turning them into banking customers, homeowners, small business owners, and living wage workers.

  • Operation HOPE was founded in 1992 immediately following the Rodney King Riots in South Central Los Angeles
  • Students are taught not in math based equations, but rather in a “language of money” that allows them to become proficient in making good decisions.
  • Banking on Our Future classes are free of charge for schools and communities.
  • Operation HOPE runs Banking on Our Future classes in more than 700 schools and community-based organizations in both the U.S. and in South Africa
  • Their Banking on Our Future financial literacy program has reached over 650,000 students to date
  • Over 13,000 volunteers work to teach students how to establish positive financial patterns of behavior
Quick Facts
A vote for Operation HOPE helps support financial literacy in under-served communities by paying for things like personal credit and mortgage counseling, and classroom materials.
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The teaching techniques used by Operation HOPE (HOPE) in their Banking on Our Future program, shy away from traditional math-based education and instead focus on showing students how to have a conversation in the language of money. Just as a student would learn any other language, lessons are taught so that students can be confident in new financial situations.

Students are taught about budgeting, how to open a checking or savings account, the power of credit and the basics of investing. All of Operation HOPE’s lessons are taught in an open environment where the emphasis is placed on becoming confident and empowered so that students of any age can take control of their financial future.

Operation HOPE

(917) 477-2822
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Let’s spread financial literacy together.

Operation HOPE

Economic Education & Empowerment
Operation HOPE

Operation HOPE’s educational programs teach students how to have a conversation in the language of money so they can be confident and empowered as they take control of their financial future.


Financial Literacy for DV survivors

W!SE programs teach the basic personal finance with a special focus on topics of interest to domestic violence survivors. They teach survivors to be financially independent so they can thrive, both emotionally and financially, in their new life on their own.

World of Money

Youth Financial Literacy Programs
World of Money

WorldofMoney.org works in the New York Tri-State Area, providing underserved youth with a sound financial foundation. They help children create a positive relationship with money, enabling them to be self-reliant financially in the long run.