A $5 Subscription for Giving


What does CharitySub mean?
CharitySub is short for charity subscription — your subscription for giving! Each month you learn about a new cause along with 3 charities doing great work to make a difference. With your $5 monthly subscription as a member, you decide each month which charity will receive your $5 donation, and will soon thereafter hear from the charity about the good you and the CharitySub community helped enable.
Why is the subscription just $5 per month?
We believe that $5 can change the world and that everyone can participate with a $5 monthly subscription.
How much of my $5 will be donated?
100% of all donations will be presented to the charity selected, minus credit card processing fees. We are working towards having those covered in the future as well.
How are the 3 featured charities selected each month?
Each month CharitySub features a cause along with 3 charities that are working hard to bring awareness and make a difference within that cause. Our process for selecting the organizations to partner with and showcase is based on the following 3 criteria:
  1. Impact: The priority within the organization is to create as much impact as possible, meaning a significant percentage of funds raised are used in program implementation to drive results.
  2. Finances: The organization is fiscally responsible, in good financial standing and sustainable, showing signs of being able to continue its mission for months and years to come.
  3. Transparency: It is key for organizations we partner with to be open about data sharing as it pertains to the great work they are doing and their needs. This allows us at CharitySub to share with you the impact of your donated dollars.

CharitySub is:
  • a simple way to make a difference
  • a community of like-minded givers
  • the coolest way to give

How can I help contribute to CharitySub?
When signing up for your membership, there will be an opportunity to donate an incremental $1/month to CharitySub. This will help us to continue to bring education and awareness to causes worldwide, as well as charities effecting change. We will also be able to reward the great artists and writers we partner with to bring these important stories to life. And lastly, it will help us keep the lights on around the office!
How do I track all my history of giving?
After becoming a CharitySub member, you will have your very own personal dashboard that will showcase a monthly recap of our featured causes and your charity selections. It will also show the charity updates we report back to the community, which you can reference and share with family and friends at any time.
How do I know how my $5 benefited the charity I selected?
At the end of each month, we will compile the donations for each of the 3 charities and present them with a lump-sum contribution from the CharitySub community. Based on the dollars they receive, CharitySub will report back on the impact of our collective giving in a fun and informational image brought to life by one of our artists. This document will be public and easy to share with your friends and family, showcasing the difference we were able to make together.
How do I cancel my subscription?
To cancel your subscription, simply log in to your account and on the account settings tab you will see the ability to cancel your existing account. Please note that depending on the part of the month you cancel in, it may take one additional business cycle to take effect.