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Our 3 Hand-Picked Charities


Peer-to-Peer Recycling

Freecycle is a grassroots movement made up of millions of members around the world who are all recycling used goods that would otherwise end up in landfills. They offer a free online listing service that helps people find a home for their unwanted items. Also, Freecycle connects people in local communities, which helps to build solidarity towards a sustainable future.

National Center for Electronics Recycling

Electronics Recycling

The National Center for Electronics Recycling is dedicated to the development and enhancement of a national infrastructure for electronics recycling. NCER helps implement electronics recycling programs across the country. Their local programs increase awareness and prevent thousands of pounds of electronics from entering landfills, while nationally they reduce the burden on the government through private management of electronics recycling systems.

National Recycling Coalition

Waste Reduction Education

The National Recycling Coalition partners with other recycling focused organizations across the country to provide education about waste reduction and management practices. This approach helps develop relationships between corporate, government, and nonprofit leaders who can all bring about change in the way we use, manage, and recycle natural resources.

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Member Selection

Member Selection

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