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Drug Free Youth


Drug overdose death rates in the US have more than tripled since 1990.

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Kids stay drug free

Overall, drug and alcohol use has steadily declined among American youth over the past 20 years, though not for all drugs. Marijuana and prescription drug use have sharply increased among youth in the past five years. This likely reflects public attitudes about the perceived risk of these drugs, and increased availability. Not surprisingly, evidence shows that drugs have negative and permanent effects on the developing brains

of adolescents. In one major recent study, regular marijuana use that began in the teen years effected the IQs of adults by an average of -8 points, for the rest of their lives.

Everyone can agree: it’s important that our youth grow up healthy, happy, and smart, and drugs just don’t fit into that picture. This month, you can help kids make the right choices by supporting one of our three CharitySub partners.