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Our 3 Hand-Picked Charities

Marine Conservation Institute

Ecosystem Evangelists

The Marine Conservation Institute started nearly 20 years ago with the single mission of promoting marine conservation. Their current focus is on a new major initiative: the Global Ocean Refuge System (GLORES). GLORES is designed to advocate for strong protection of at least 20% of the ecosystems in each biogeographic region of the world’s oceans by 2030, enough to avert mass extinction. Join the fight to solve the significant global challenge of saving marine life, for us and future generations.

Reef Quest

Citizen Scientists

Reef Quest, founded by 15-year old Dylan Vecchione, started from a vision that kids could become marine environmental stewards if given the proper tools and guidance. Having personally witnessed a significant decline in coral cover, as well as algae overgrowth, and incidences of coral disease in his local area of Maui, Dylan decided to push for change. Join Reef Quest as they pioneer new ways of engaging kids and schools everywhere, regardless if they are near coral reefs.

The TerraMar Project

Global Ocean Community

The TerraMar Project brings a voice to the high-seas and is dedicated to building a global community who will speak on behalf of the ocean. At the top of their priority list, is to create an ocean-specific Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) at the United Nations. This SDG will set the stage for a common foundation to make the relationship between people and our international waters more sustainable. Join the TerraMar Project and take their I Love the Ocean Pledge to help generate awareness about ocean stewardship.

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