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Our 3 hand-picked Charities for Childhood Obesity

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The Mission

Using schools as a platform, our goal is to revolutionize the way teens think about food and its impact on their lives.

  • Collaborate with Mt. Sinai Hospital to deliver education modules in FoodFight classrooms focusing on the physiological effects of a poor diet
  • Curriculum currently being taught in 15 schools
  • Program is based on teacher health and wellness programming for inner city schools
  • 400 lbs of vegetables produced at one high school
Quick Facts

With an emphasis on educating the educators, FoodFight’s approach to tackling childhood obesity is starting to gain steam. By bringing holistic nutrition education to both student and teacher, healthy choices trickle from the classroom and into the lives of the students’ families.

Former teachers themselves, FoodFight co-founders Deborah Lewison-Grant and Carolyn Cohen understand the influence a teacher has on decisions made by students. What example does a teacher set by keeping a large soda on their desk throughout the day?

Teachers have the ability to reshape the culture around food and with the lack of support being provided to them, FoodFight set out to create teacher health and wellness programming for inner city schools. When teachers make healthy choices, contributing to a healthy and vital existence, their students will be inspired to make the same choices for themselves.

Their two-part curriculum first focuses on media and the influence it has over our eating and buying habits. Most recently at a school in Brooklyn, while a commercial for McDonald's was played for the students, it was not only clear that many of them had seen this commercial before but many were singing along.

The second part of the curriculum focuses on nutrition, where students learn skills from analyzing food labels, to differentiating portion and serving sizes, ultimately arming them with the information necessary to make healthy choices.

The overall goal of FoodFight is to educate teachers and students, providing them with the knowledge and confidence to make healthy decisions. “High school students have been ignored in this conversation about the obesity epidemic,” says Ms. Cohen. “It’s a serious health crisis.” By empowering these individuals, they learn they have the ability to impact change in their own lives and help turn this epidemic around.

Let’s fight childhood obesity together.


School Gardening & Education

FoodCorps believes that through three core principles: knowledge, engagement, and access, they will be able to curb the obesity epidemic. The FoodCorps program currently has 50 service members across 10 states focusing on the three core areas.


Food Education for Teachers & Teens

FoodFight believes that educating the educators will help reverse childhood obesity. By bringing holistic nutrition education to both student and teacher, healthy choices trickle from the classroom into the lives of the students’ families.

Seeds in the Middle

Fitness & School Gardening
Seeds in the Middle

Serving an area of Brooklyn historically burdened by racial tension and criminal activity, Seeds in the Middle seeks to help the children of Crown Heights develop healthy habits for success in an otherwise challenging environment.