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The Mission

Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE), is striving to decrease the potential for violence in our schools and communities by promoting meaningful student involvement, education and service opportunities in efforts to provide safer environments for youth.

  • Provides education in classrooms about the effects and consequences of violence and encourages students to help end bullying.
  • Students in SAVE participate in conflict management training, community volunteer work, violence-free pledge drives and fundraisers.
Quick Facts
A vote for SAVE will provide a student chapter with activity guides and lesson plans on conflict management, bullying and school safety.
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National Save is on a mission to reduce the potential of violence and bullying in our schools and communities by engaging students in prevention efforts. A national program with chapters in elementary, middle, high schools as well as in colleges and community centers that work locally to address

youth violence and safety by engaging with and educating students. With projects that range from community service to educating students on how to speak up and positively pressure their peers to do the right thing, National Save is working to empower students to end bullying.

322 Chapanoke Road, Suite 110
Raleigh, NC 27603

Let’s stop bullying together.

Angels & Doves

Anti-bullying education in schools
Angels & Doves

Angels & Doves works to end bullying in schools by educating teachers and students how to identify and handle bullying. From initiatives that help students directly report bullying, to educational presentations for schools and districts nationwide.


Improving School Climate

The National School Climate Center (NSCC) creates programs and initiatives that make schools safer by preventing bullying, harassment and teasing. Their BullyBust school climate improvement campaign engages the entire school community from teachers and administrators to students.


Student-Run Anti-Violence Program

With local chapters in schools and community centers, SAVE works to address youth violence and safety by engaging, empowering, encouraging and educating students. Their nationwide program gives students the tools to become advocates to stop bullying wherever they see it.