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A victim of bullying is twice as likely to take his or her own life compared to someone who is not a victim. [1]



October is national anti-bullying month, and this month your CharitySub donation can help end bullying. We’re supporting charities that work to end bullying through educational programming for teachers and students, by creating anti-bullying awareness and by supporting student anti-bullying groups. Together we can end bullying!

  • 9 out of 10 LGBT students have been bullied. [2]
  • Bullying has been present in 2 out of 3 school shootings that the U.S. Secret Service has investigated. [2]
  • 46.5% of all bullying in schools is verbal. [3]
  • 56% of students have personally witnessed some type of bullying at school. [4]
Quick Facts
The 6 Types of Bullying [3]
43% of Children Have Been Bullied Online

Bullying in the 21st Century

Cyberbullying is the fastest growing form of harassment in the world today [5]. Because it is easy to remain anonymous on the web, bullies can pick on virtually anyone without the victim knowing their real identity. Today, the majority of teens are on social networks, and nearly half of those teens have completely public profiles [5], so its easy to become a target of cyberbulling. But, it goes beyond the web,

kids and teens alike are increasingly receiving aggressive text messages and sext messages, with suggestive photos. These messages are easily forwardable so a text or image that is meant to go to just one person, can be seen by possibly hundreds of people. This 21st century form of bullying has left parents and administrators alike struggling to put parameters in place to protect students.

The Bystander Effect and Bullying

Every bully likes an audience, but what if one person watching spoke up? Would the bullying end? That is the hope, as programs across the country are starting to sprout up in support of empowering the bystander to speak up and help the bullied. Research has shown that as the number of bystanders increases, the likelihood that any one bystander

will intervene decreases, as an individual’s sense of responsibility is spread across the crowd [8]. Since most bullying takes place when an adult isn’t around [9], the idea is to educate children on how to stand up to bullying. When one person speaks up, their positive behavior rubs off on other bystanders as well, ultimately changing the group’s silent acceptance of the bullying [8]. Speaking up is a small change that can have large impacts on ending bullying once and for all.

Peers are involved in 85% of bullying episodes

Bullying is a serious problem that needs our attention. This month, we’re helping organizations that fight to combat it. What can you do? Select who gets your CharitySub donation!

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  1. Share this page on Facebook and Twitter.
  2. Learn about the anti-bullying laws in your state.
  3. Send cyberbullying prevention tips to those in need.
  4. Be aware of the bystander effect, and help a victim of bullying if you can.
  5. Support our CharitySub vetted partners.

Let’s stop bullying together.

Angels & Doves

Anti-bullying education in schools
Angels & Doves

Angels & Doves works to end bullying in schools by educating teachers and students how to identify and handle bullying. From initiatives that help students directly report bullying, to educational presentations for schools and districts nationwide.


Improving School Climate

The National School Climate Center (NSCC) creates programs and initiatives that make schools safer by preventing bullying, harassment and teasing. Their BullyBust school climate improvement campaign engages the entire school community from teachers and administrators to students.


Student-Run Anti-Violence Program

With local chapters in schools and community centers, SAVE works to address youth violence and safety by engaging, empowering, encouraging and educating students. Their nationwide program gives students the tools to become advocates to stop bullying wherever they see it.