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Our 3 Hand-Picked Charities

Brave Girls Alliance

Truth In Advertisting

Brave Girls Alliance is a think tank and advocacy group partnering with companies and media outlets to spread the word and help create products that empower our young women. With campaigns like #TruthInAds, which resulted in a bipartisan Congressional sponsorship that calls on the FTC to develop a framework for any advertising materially altering the human body; Brave Girls Alliance are making big strides for many young impressionable minds.

I Am That Girl

Online community of support

I Am That Girl is helping girls to transform self-doubt into self-love by providing a safe place to be encouraged and have honest conversations. Their program is based on the idea that powerful change happens when girls collaborate instead of compete and start to contribute as much as they consume. I Am That Girl has created an online community of 150k+ members along with 100 local chapters to establish communities of collaboration and support.

Project Heal

Funding for eating disorders

Project Heal, with 30 national chapters, focuses on in-patient, residential and out-patient treatment for those suffering from an eating disorder but cannot afford treatment. Using motivation as a primary criteria for selection they are able to help those who truly want to recover from their eating disorders, and are ready to do the required hard work. Fueling Project Heal’s ambition is the first hand knowledge that anyone can be free from eating disorders.

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Member Selection

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