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Turtle Conservancy

The Mission

The Turtle Conservancy is a nonprofit scientific and educational organization for the conservation of turtles and tortoises around the world.

  • Of the approximately 330 turtle species in the world, half are threatened with extinction and a third are in imminent threat of extinction.
  • Successfully sent back captive-bred turtles to their home range in China, for the first time ever in turtle history.
Quick Facts
A vote for the Turtle Conservancy will help protect critically endangered turtles and tortoises, globally.
– The CharitySub Team

The Turtle Conservancy works to protect endangered turtles and tortoises, globally. Through land acquisition in Madagascar, South Africa, and Mexico, the Turtle Conservancy is working to protect natural habitats for critically endangered turtles, while also preserving the natural biodiversity in the area.

Preserving natural habitats is a major focus, but the Turtle Conservancy also runs a very successful captive-breeding facility. Through this facility they have been able to hatch turtles, and send them back to their natural habitat. With your support, critically endangered turtles will get a much-needed helping hand.

Turtle Conservancy

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Orangutan Outreach

Orangutan Habitat Preservation
Orangutan Outreach

Orangutan Outreach works to create preserved habitats for orangutans in Borneo and Sumatra. Many of the orangutan’s habitats have been burned for palm oil plantations; Orangutan Outreach helps to financially support the orphanage centers that care for displaced orangutans of all ages.

Shark Angels

Grassroots Shark Conservation
Shark Angels

Acting as a guardian angel for sharks around the world, Shark Angels works to stop the senseless slaughter of sharks for fins. They work to pass legislation that makes it illegal to sell, trade or even possess shark fins, in the U.S. and globally ban shark-finning.

Turtle Conservancy

Protecting Endangered Turtles
Turtle Conservancy

The Turtle Conservancy works to protect endangered turtles and tortoises globally. They protect habitats for critically endangered turtles through land acquisition. They also run a large breeding facility in California that breeds then return turtles to their natural habitat.