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Our 3 Hand-Picked Charities

Explore Ecology

Creative Awareness

Explore Ecology works to protect and preserve the environment through projects that combine environmental awareness and artistic creativity. With programs like the ReUse retail store, which partners with hundreds of local businesses to keep tons of materials out of landfills and the Watershed Resource Center, Explore Ecology is investing in community projects and helping kids understand how their actions can help improve the environment.

Gulf Restoration Network

Protect the Gulf

Gulf Restoration Network is a 20 year old organization that pursues priority issues affecting the entire Gulf region, including water pollution, wetlands loss, oil and gas accountability, and threats to the marine ecosystem. GRN actively monitors coastal leaks and spills, documents the accidents with proper authorities, and holds the polluters accountable.

Ocean River Institute

Environmental Stewardship

The Ocean River Institute believes many environmental issues can best be addressed by people taking action in their own communities and regions. Their ocean stewardship programs help rid our oceans of plastics and keep our waterways cleaner with efforts to regulate lawn fertilization. The programs of ORI support the work of localized and small-scale environmental organizations, providing expertise, services, and resources.

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