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Autism Awareness


In 2013, the CDC estimated that 1 in every 50 kids had Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

What can I do to help

People with autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a lifelong developmental disability affecting social and communication skills. Most people with ASD don’t ‘appear’ disabled, but their condition causes them to see the world as a confusing, anxiety inducing mass of people, places and events which they struggle to make sense of.

Studies in the past decade show a very sharp and troubling rise in the incidence of ASD. Some people believe this rise is due to environmental factors, while others attribute the rise to an expanded definition of the disorder. Thirty years ago a portion of these individuals would just be thought of as ‘odd’, not disabled.

Whatever the cause, the outlook is much better today than it was a generation ago. Until recently, many people with ASD would be sent to an institution, while today most can live with their families or communities. Early intervention, and consistent access to care can greatly improve the development of a child with ASD.

This month, you can help people affected by ASD with your CharitySub selection. Our charity partners are doing great work to support families, educate communities, and provide life changing services for affected individuals.