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Our 3 Hand-Picked Charities

Justice For Families

Youth Development

Justice for Families is a national group comprised of local organizations committed to ending the youth incarceration epidemic. Founded and run by families who have experienced the juvenile justice system with their children; J4F divides their time against two primary goals: 1) Giving families a voice and power over what decisions are made and 2) Redirecting resources away from youth incarceration and toward communities most affected.

Marine Conservation Institute

Ecosystem Evangelists

The Marine Conservation Institute started nearly 20 years ago with the single mission of promoting marine conservation. Their current focus is on a new major initiative: the Global Ocean Refuge System (GLORES). GLORES is designed to advocate for strong protection of at least 20% of the ecosystems in each biogeographic region of the world’s oceans by 2030, enough to avert mass extinction. Join the fight to solve the significant global challenge of saving marine life, for us and future generations.

Worldwide Orphans

Holistic Orphan Care

Worldwide Orpahans addresses children’s physical and mental health, their education and their ability to plan for and to achieve that is productive and fulfilling in their own countries. From Bulgaria to Vietnam, WWO helps orphans across 5 different countries offering a number of holistic programs, tailored to the region in need. Programs range from a pediatric AIDS clinic to running a school for 432 orphaned and at-risk children.

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